Social networking and your professional world…

While searching on social networking, I found a journal article titled “Social networking poses new challenges” that discusses the viability of intertwining social networking sites such as Facebook with your professional life. While this article is written for medical professionals, the concept can really pertain to any career.

Is it a good idea to add patients/clients/coworkers on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites? That is the question that Kern (2010) attempts to answer in his article. Social networking, if clients/patients are open to it, can be a great way to provide your clientele with news and information about your workplace. One quick tweet or status update can inform many people of a change in hours, or new product being offered by your company. However, Kern (2010) warns to keep your professional site professional and separate from your personal site. Don’t post videos of a Doctor goading patients if you are a Doctor, or a librarian making a child cry while he/she laughs maniacally. While you might see the humor in such content, your patients/clients might not.

This article was an interesting and different view from the Stephens (2007) article. Stephens encouraged librarians to embrace social networking! Live on the cutting edge of the Web and Library! Be accessible to your patrons! And while I’d tend to agree with Stephens, I think it’s also important to take Kern’s warnings into consideration. I personally wouldn’t want to add coworkers/clients to my personal Facebook. I like having the option to be completely myself without having to feel censored or the need to always be “professional.” I would happily create a “Sara the Librarian” page and friend all of my new friends there!

Kern, S. L. (2010). Social networking poses new challenges. Medical Economics, 87(1), 29.

Stephens, M. (2007). The ongoing web revolution. Library Technology Reports, 43(5), 10-14.


Teamwork and the Internet. I can has?

The internet was created by some of the world’s brightest minds yet generally seems to be populated by some of the most dim… It tends to be a sort of “every man for himself” kind of environment. People, behind the safety of their keyboards and monitors, say and do things that they would never do in their real face to face lives, not to mention do so with an extreme lack of intelligence, spelling and grammar. Just peruse a few comments on the average Youtube video for some prime examples…

Disclaimer – Actual Youtube Comments:

Yes, I agree… People who bully Jessi are so stupid.
But Jessi is also stupid having maked this stupid video…
And her father are a little dumb and crazy… He was wrong than his daughter…

Omg….what happen to her?..can someone P.M the story?..i know i’m probably really late..but still i have no idea what happen…not that it’s my bussines..i’m still kinda nosiey..>.>

While this is what you may encounter more often than not around the web, it is certainly not the only thing out there and it is especially refreshing when you do encounter intelligence, collaboration and learning taking place. And increasingly it is! Many Universities offer online courses and even whole degree programs attainable entirely online.

As an internet savvy and forward thinking individual, I was excited to enroll in an all online graduate program. This program will enable me to earn a Masters Degree in a field I love, from the comfort of anywhere I happen to be with my laptop! And I am excited about the opportunity to work with other like-minded individuals that I will encounter in my courses.

Online courses, straying from the traditional classroom setting, require basic skills for a student to be successful. A few of these skills are self motivation and organization combined with a basic understanding of the internet and it’s population. There is an abundance of information, opinions, and commentary out there and its important to have the skills to be able to find what you are looking for, process the information and also know how to decipher what information may or may not be valid.

Another aspect of online learning is teamwork. Something that is difficult and often dreaded in real life, let alone in an environment where people may never meet face to face. For the graduate program in which I am enrolled in particular, I would hope that teamwork would be slightly less difficult since all the members are here because they genuinely want to be and for the common goal of obtaining their degree.

But still, on the internet communication is key. All team members must be willing to communicate clearly. If the group communicates well, establishes clear ground rules and works toward the common goal, theoretically it should be pretty painless!

Though likely much easier said than done…

But here’s to a successful Online Student experience!

And so it begins…

Setting this thing up was quite the ordeal, as choosing a title was no easy task. Most of my favorite blogs have creative and interesting titles that are indicative of the content while still maintaining a personal connection to the writer. A couple of examples: – One of my favorites to read. Cute, fun, quirky. Definitely lives up to it’s name! – A librarian friend of mine from high school. –  One of my close friends, sharing the world from her eyes.

So I wanted something that would be fun to model a blog after, while still personal and self descriptive. All of my first choices were taken. ALL of them. I even went to other blog sites such as blogger and typepad in attempts at getting my desired titles, but luck was not in my favor…

The Green Lady and Library-Licious were just not meant to be mine.

At a loss, I polled a few friends for suggestions. A good friend of mine from college reminded me of a catch phrase she tried to coin back in our college days that was based on me: “So Sara.” I can’t even remember the specific details of how the term was born, but it was a fun inside joke between us. So I tried THAT as a title, and of course it too was already in use. So we modified the phrase just slightly and “That’s so Sara!” was born.

So, now I have a title where I can write about all things “So Sara,” assuming I actually take to writing posts…

I always think of awesome things to write about when I am no where near a computer and draw complete blanks when confronted with a screen and a keyboard. That’s so Sara….