End of my Research Journal

Today marks the end of my research journal, as it’s due for the final check. It’s been a fun process, and I now am kind of interested in potentially pursuing some sort of research in my career. First I need to get hired in even a full time position, though…. But some day I could see that happening.

I completed my marketing evaluation and submitted that yesterday afternoon and am ready to get down and dirty in either my Research Proposal or my Program Proposal. I’ve still been torn… I was really excited about the youth and technology research question I was working on involving mobile devices and would definitely be interested in going with that further, especially since I’ve already gathered a number of great resources on the subject…. But I also really like the program proposal and how it ties to marketing. I’ve been thinking of ways I can potentially combine the two in some way? Perhaps some sort of program that involves mobile devices to engage teens? One of the articles I stumbled upon in my research involved a program called “Library Appy Hour” ┬áthat involved sharing, discussing and using new mobile device applications. I think this could be an interesting event that would interest teens, but I’m not sure about how repeatable the event would be, or how long it could hold people’s interest. Perhaps a monthly event, or something that could be added to the TAG group as a revamp.

One of the sample papers for the program proposal wasn’t for a brand new program, but discussed revamping the current summer reading programs, so that might not be a bad idea. Hmm, now off to investigate this further!


Marketing Evaluation

I am in the middle of my Marketing Evaluation for the other class that I’m taking this semester. It’s due Sunday by midnight and I have only Today and Sunday to really crank it out…. yay work….

But at least this has been a really interesting insight into the library system that I work for. I just got a response from someone from headquarters telling me about the organization’s community relations department who handles all the marketing for the organization and is currently working to educate branches about what they can do in their own communities in terms of a marketing effort. As an observer with no previous insight into their efforts, this was the biggest issue that I figured the system faced. San Diego County is HUGE, and there are 33 branches scattered throughout and each has their own individual needs and customer markets.

I was able to read a bit of Dynamic Youth Services and can see a lot of parallels between the marketing strategy/cycle and the CATE OBPE method which is pretty cool since I also now have a lot more insight into SDCL’s efforts after completing this project. I started compiling a little bit that could be used for each option of the Libr 285 final project, but won’t really have time to dive in until I finish this since it’s due sooner. But where I’m at right now, I’m leaning a little further towards option B. Luckily, I have a few days off next week and only a light work schedule so I’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to my last project.