Race, Sexual and Gender Identity

I just got to go back and look over the responses in the Race, Sexual and Gender identity discussion forum.

Last year, I took a Teen Programming class that I really enjoyed as it opened my eyes to many aspects that need to be considered when working with teens. The main thing that stuck with me was how they walk this fine line between child and adulthood. They are often laden with expectations of adult behavior, but treated like children. And we wonder why they can be so whiny and angsty… Maybe if they were treated with some consistency! haha. But these particular chapters reminded me of this because teenagers are in that gray area yet also in the process of figuring out and really defining WHO they are, especially in terms of race, sexual and gender identity.

As I mentioned in my discussion, it also brought up the concern about dealing with teen hormones which I hadn’t really previously considered…. Teenage boys can be very bold…  Perhaps they like the shock value? But as a female who will likely be working with teens, and teenage boys, this is something I’ll have to figure out and work out what MY angle will be. As a librarian, I want to be a leader, but also a friend and not seen as a potential sexual partner. I don’t intend to dress myself down and hide under baggy clothes, but I suppose just make sure that I establish the proper rapport and make sure to tackle potential issues either before they happen or immediately as they do.


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