Program Evaluation and Final Project

I just turned in my program evaluation on the inaugural Santee Library Teen Book to Film Club program. Since I have an interest in teen services and have always been jealous that only the Santee seniors had a book to film club, I was SUPER excited for this event. Not only do I love the concept in general, I feel like this would be great for Teens to spark their interest in reading and literature. I think this event has a LOT of potential and I’d really like to see more teens getting engaged in the library and library programs. There are a number of K-8 schools and two high schools in the direct vicinity of the Santee library, yet only 9 teens attended the event… I think we can do better than that.

I haven’t yet gotten into the Dynamic Youth Services book to decide for sure, but I’m feeling empowered to maybe tackle the program proposal for my final project instead of the research proposal. I’m feeling torn since I’ve already made some headway in terms of a research proposal through the literature review and I feel like doing the program proposal would be like starting from scratch and seems daunting…. Maybe I can somehow incorporate some of the research that I’ve already done into my proposed program. hmmmm…. I’ll give it some thought, but AFTER Thursday 🙂 I work in a couple hours, and then starts my three day birthday celebration! I think I’ll start with a massage.


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