More on Recent Searching Tactics

When searching the SDCL databases last week, I utilized similar search keywords and each combination brought back a slightly different set of articles:

youth, young adult, teen
mobile phone, cell phone, smartphone, smart phone

I also added “mobile learning” into the mix since I decided that that was an interesting tangent that is very related to my topic.


I still don’t tend to come across much (if any) quantitative research on these topics, and especially when searching the SDCL databases. Since they are geared for younger students, many of the articles are less complex in nature and easier for younger minds to digest.

I intend to get a very good start on my literature review this week, if not finish it entirely. More on that very soon!!


Search Results

I actually found some really interesting articles through the SDCL databases!

Three hot areas requiring future-proof content, interoperability, and rich media –  Of E-book, Mobile App, and E-learning, BY TERI TAN

Adventures with Cell Phones, By Liz Kolb – Teachers are finding creative ways to turn the basic cell phone from a digital distraction into a versatile learning tool.

I found a number of articles with more focus on Mobile Learning, which is an interesting concept for me and I think will be great for my research!

I was able to email myself the articles, including PDF’s so I can easily refer to them and find them later. It was really fun potentially taking a step into the shoes of the youth/teens that might be using this database.

SDCL Homework Help Databases

My library has some databases geared towards students. I got the chance to poke around on them a bit at work today, but I hope to look a little more in detail now that I’m home. I think it will be interesting to utilize the databases that are actually intended for the teens/youth to use and see what sorts of results come up on my topic.

More on Abstracts…

As I mentioned in my post from last week, I was concerned that I found few to no actual research articles involving my topic. In my initial search, all I found was a study involving usage patterns of college students aged 18-54 — not exactly my target audience…. And a study about the key interface of three phones with similar menus, but different key set ups — disregarded because the phones that were studied were beyond ancient and not at all “smart.”

After some concern from my group, I e-mailed the teacher who confirmed that the abstracted articles needed to be research focused (something that wasn’t entirely clear in the assignment outline….).

I was a little frustrated that I posted my abstracts on Tuesday night, and didn’t get any type of response on them until Thursday night. So, I couldn’t get a response from the teacher until Friday morning, leaving me with VERY little time to revise my project between my loaded work schedule and the Monday night due date…. I had had the WHOLE day Thursday off of work, but couldn’t fix any of this since I hadn’t yet gotten any feedback…

Ok, enough with the venting.

I was able to get a little more creative with my search terms and find some research based articles, and though they were not directly related to teens and cell phones, they could be related in some way.

One article involved the interviewing of four teachers to gauge their perceptions of the use and role of technology in their students’ lives and the potential to use them as a learning tool.

Another article involved researching how much a particular library should prepare for “the mobile age” and incorporate mobile technologies and opportunities for their customers. This can relate because while all age ranges were surveyed, this could very much apply to the teen demographic which is seen as being highly tech savvy.

And lastly, I included the article that involved the study of usage patterns in college students that I previously overlooked.


It caused me a decent amount of stress and added pressure, but hopefully I met the needs of the assignment and in this process I have collected a TON of non-research articles for the overall literature review 🙂

Some Links to Further Explore

Here’s a Pew Research study pertaining to my topic that will likely be very useful for my research:

Teens, Cell Phones and Texting

And a Harris Poll about the impact of phones on teens’ social lives:

Cell Phones Key to Teens’ Social Lives, 47% Can Text with Eyes Closed

Abstracts and research

In my initial search for articles I only looked for articles with full text and mix and match of the following search terms:

youth, young adult, teen
mobile phone, cell phone, smartphone, smart phone

I found a lot of great articles pertaining to the subject, such as:

Jump Start Mobile Content
The Wireless Frontier: As cell phone usage rises, publishers explore mobile marketing and content delivery
Using Social Network to Connect Teens with Young Adult Literature
Pew Study: Inside the Tech Generation

Except, I later realized that I didn’t check to make sure they were peer-reviewed or not…. And none of them were.

I revised my search to look only for peer-reviewed sources, but few items were returned. I then added in a few more search terms to help field some results:

library, libraries, education

I was able to find five peer-reviewed articles that deemed relevant to my subject:

I Can’t Live without My…Teens’ Top Ten High-Tech Gadgets and Web Sites by Pechacek, Ann

Libraries Begin to Engage Their Menacing Mobile Phone Hordes Without Shhhhh! by Buczynski, James A.

Smartphones, Smart Objects, and Augmented Reality by Pence, Harry E.

Now Is the Time: E-books, Teens, and Libraries by Braun, Linda W.

The Phone: A Tool for Learning by Marcoux, Elizabeth

However none of them consisted of in depth quantitative studies like the articles many of my group-mates were able to find, which makes me question the quality of my sources, though I rationalized this based on the fact that the technology and concepts I’m researching are relatively recent and potentially difficult to research quantitatively.