Where does the time go….

I’ve been beyond busy and spreading myself way too thin…. I even had to schedule in time to take a shower, only to find later that my work schedule was wrong on my calendar and I was actually supposed to be at the library during that shower…. I was so mad at myself!!!

Thinking back on one of the readings for this class (libr 285), there was a whole section on finding/making time for research and that is MORE than relevant to me right now. This week I decree that all free time (though minimal….) will be dedicated to research!! It shall be so.


Narrowing Down a Topic

After doing some poking around in a few databases for articles about young adults and technology, I came across a number of articles regarding teens and cell phone use. This is something that sounded interesting to me, since I am well aware of my own dependence on my phone and see them being a necessity for the youth in my life.

But when I thought about it, I developed concerns that this topic as stated might seem a bit broad for the purposes of this class… After thinking about the aspects of teen phone use that come to mind such as texting, e-mail, and the use of phone applications for Facebook, Twitter, games and much more, I decided that my area of research was already slightly more narrow than I originally thought. The cell phone functions that I was contemplating are those typically associated with Smart Phones – phones that can not only text and make phone calls, but also take pictures and video, access the internet and run applications. Most teens have cell phones, and of teen cell phone users, smart phones are becoming more and more commonplace.

Under the blanket of teens and smart phones, I can see myself researching smart phone impacts on teen behavior and how teen smart phone use can affect and be affected by the library.

Choosing a topic…

For me, choosing a topic is going to be very much key to my success in this class. If I’m not completely excited about my topic I just know I’ll struggle to do research.

In my first semester in SLIS I took Libr 200 and had to write a term paper. I was SO nervous about it since I had always struggled with big papers in the past… But I had just learned about intellectual freedom and self censorship and found myself eager to learn more and more about it. By the end of my paper, I was completely pumped and ready to dub myself “The Lorax of the Library” and “speak for the books!”

I sincerely hope I can find something I can be just as passionate about for Libr 285.

Research Blog – Libr 285!!

Welcome back to That’s So Sara! It’s a new semester and I now have a new purpose for this blog — to monitor my progress as a researcher and my research for my Libr 285 class!

I’m still getting a handle on my classes this semester and I’m not quite sure where to start with this… I’ve been working quite a bit and have had minimal time to work on and think about school… But it should calm down within the next two weeks and I’ll be able to map out a plan for my semester. That is something I’m looking forward to quite a bit, as I can’t stand the chaotic feeling I’ve had for the last week or so….

Here’s to bringing some order to the chaos!